Singapore based blockchain startup, AlphaWallet, hopes to change this and get you talking like a pro at your next bbq with friends. They are releasing their first open class, ‘the Blockchain Decalogue: what would Weiwu say on blockchain‘, consisting of 10 epic talks designed to get you fired up and fluent in the fintech scene.

AlphaWallet’s CTO and co founder, Weiwu Zhang, will take you through the basics of what blockchain is, where it is right now and it’s future potential.  Weiwu is an old time veteran of the industry and has been in the space since 2011.

Before co founding AlphaWallet, he worked at the largest bank in Australia as a blockchain expert, adviser and software architect. He also has a strong understanding of cryptography and IT security.

These talks will be held at the PayPal Innovation Lab in Singapore and will start of by comparing the fundamental differences between blockchain and prior technologies like SQL.